Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Ways To Curl Your Hair

#1- Steam Rollers
This way you could get that 40's Hollywood style. Perfect for special occasions Like weddings, mystery party's, and more. (How to use them) First - fill water in to the bucket to the line shown. Next - put the top on then one of the rollers and wait 10-15 seconds to heat up. If your hair gets frizzy easily add end paper to your hair.  Last but not least roll one up in your hair secure with a clamp. That's how its done.

  #2  - Flat Iron
This one is more of a casual look, you could wear this to shop, salons, or hanging out with the friends. How to use- Step one....Take your flat iron and straighten to the end of your hair BUT keep it at the end. Then role your hair into a tube, next pull down on your hair like this....

And that's it    

#3 - Waving Iron             
Simple and flawless, Feeling like going to the beach or being a country singer 
(aka Taylor Swift probably would have this style). Then this is the perfect style for you.
 Easy to use just clamp down on the first section of your hair. Unclasp and re-clamp on the next section of straight hair.  So on so forth ;).

#4 - No Heat Fabric Curls (Healthy Hair Is Happy Hair)

Takes time but if you care for your hair you'll be fine. First- Wet hair till damp (Not really wet). Section of most of your hair and tie it up. Then- Take a strip of fabric (If your feeling crafty take an old t shirt and cut it into strips) put it flat at the end of your hair role your hair around it till it reaches the scalp. Tie the fabric so the hair doesn't fall out. Continue through out that section take of another section and repeat. After your done, take a nap for a few hours. When you wake up, take out the fabric from your hair one by one let it set so you don't walk out the door with a fro he he he.


#5 - Braid Waves

Kinda something you would do before you go to bed....
Its pretty simple. All you need to do is french braid your hair and sleep :D.

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